Fire Protection to Mezzanine Floor Edges

Our pro-case fascia is a pre-formed and tailor-made passive fire protection product for safeguarding the edges of your mezzanine floors against fire. Our fire rated fascia products offer clean and effective fire protection for mezzanine floor edges and are manufactured to either match or contrast with our pro-case column casings, as per your preferences.

This fire-rated fascia is a flat panel that will hang off of the outer edges of your mezzanine floors to prevent fire from penetration the beams above your columns. A perfect addition to our column casings and cladding, fascia allow you to truly safeguard your mezzanines and prevent as much fire-related damage as possible whilst allowing people to safely exit the premises. As no frame work is required towards the installation of fire rated fascia, is it is a good deal faster to install than plasterboard and no decoration is required after it has been fitted. This makes our fascia a cost-effective option, as well!

All products are produced to suit your requirements on a bespoke basis and complement the environment in which they will be installed.

Pro-case Fire Proof Fascia to Safeguard your Mezzanine

  • Pro-case fascias can provide one hour of fire resistance and are available in the following finishes; galvanised, smooth white polyester with other finishes available upon request.

  • All coloured fascia is manufactured with a protective film on the surface to provide protection during transportation, installation and from other trades when fitted.
  • Pro-case fascias are tailor made to suit the mezzanine floor to be protected and can be ‘G’ shaped or standard ‘C’ shaped for areas where height is restricted.

  • The top flange of the facia is fixed directly onto mezzanine floor decking and the suspended ceiling can then be struck off the lower flange or return.
  • Pro-case fascias are available in a maximum length of 4200mm (3000mm is standard) and for greater lengths a spigot and socket joint is employed to join the edges, a maximum depth is approximately 1100mm

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