Square casings800

Square Casings

Pro-case square encasements for protecting mezzanine floor posts and structural steels.

Circular Casings800

Circular Casings

Pro-case circular for protecting main steels in office blocks and hotel receptions.

Beam Casings800


Pro-case fascia for protecting and finishing off mezzanine floor edges.

Beam Casings800

Beam Casings

Pro-case beam encasements for protecting the underside beams on mezzanine floors and structural steels.

A few of many reasons to choose our
passive fire protection systems

  • Bespoke fire protection products made of quality, high-grade materials
  • Fast turnaround & uk wide deliveries using our own transport meaning products arrive on time and in perfect condition.
  • Fire rated columns and fascia with no extra decoration required
  • All  colored finished products  come with a protective strippable film
  • Ability to achieve up to 4 hours of passive fire protection
  • Can manufacture up to 4200mm in one length for square casings and 3000mm for circular
  • Expert installation advice
  • Competitive prices – buy direct from us and save!
  • Test certificates available