Circular Casings

Fire Protection to RHS and CHS

We are a renowned provider of fire rated circular column encasements in the UK. Our pro-case column cladding is typically installed in office blocks and hotel reception areas to ensure that your guests and staff can quickly and safely leave the building in the event of a fire or other emergency. Whether you’re an architect seeking a reliable passive fire protection solution or a business owner interested in improving your property’s structural fire protection, the experienced team at RVS can fabricate circular column cladding to your precise dimensions.

Our circular column cladding offers superior fire safety protection and will save you time, money and hassle, as there is no need to fire rate the column and then spend additional money on creating a tailored look. Simply snap our column cladding together and you achieve both. It’s that simple! You can achieve dependable protection against fire for your steel columns in the decorative finish of  your choice to ensure that our product doesn’t clash with your decor.

All of our fire protection products are custom made and produced to suit the environment in which they will be installed such as in food preparation areas or computer rooms. Please allow 7-10 working days for the production of our circular column casings (dependent on the choice of finish), as everything is completely tailor-made to your suit your interiors.

Choose Circular Column Cladding for Structural Fire Protection

  • Our column encasement can provide up to two hours protection to structural steels.

  • The circular pro-case is a pre-formed, tailor made column casing for the protection of structural steel against fire, having good impact resistance provided by the steel case and lined with the appropriate thickness of insulation for a given fire rating.

  • Our circular casings are available in the following finishes; galvanised, smooth white polyester, pre-coated metal from our colour chart or stainless steel with other finishes available upon request.

  • All coloured casings are manufactured with a protection film on the surface to provide protection during transportation, installation and from other trades.

  • The circular pro-case is tailor made to suit the steelwork that is to be protected.

  • Free-standing casing comprise of two semi-circular components which simply snap together, oversized casings will need internal framing. Attached casings can be fixed via internal angles or internal flanges.

  • Circular pro-case has a maximum height of 3000mm in one length but for greater lengths a spigot and socket joint is employed to join casing and a maximum girth at this length is approximately 2000mm and minimum diameter of 275mm

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